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Week 2 of Puppy School – Pickles the Therapy Dog

30/3/2019 I was very distracted at the start of puppy school this morning. Mum kept wanting me to come every-time she called my name, which i admit was worth it for the cheese. But all I wanted to do was play with the other pups. The really hairy one looked particularly fun, though he wasn’t […]

Meeting the tutor – Pickles the Therapy Dog

27/3/2019 Today I got to meet Janina who is going to be my tutor. Apparently I get to see her once a week while puppy school is on and then probably twice a week after that. I asked the other pups at puppy school that weekend if they had a tutor too and none of […]

Settling in – Pickles the Therapy Dog

23/3/2019 It has been a couple of days with my new family and I am starting to work them out. There seems to be a bit of pattern to what we do which has helped me to sort out all those new sensations and work out what is expected of me. The days are really […]

My new home – Pickles the Therapy Dog

  21/3/2019 It seems that I have a new mum, dad, sister and home. Yesterday they took me home in the car and I got to snuggle in mums arms all the way home. That place – home – is going to take a bit of used to. My new sister is very different to […]