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Today I got to meet Janina who is going to be my tutor. Apparently I get to see her once a week while puppy school is on and then probably twice a week after that. I asked the other pups at puppy school that weekend if they had a tutor too and none of them did. Bit strange if you ask me, why am I so different? Either way, I really like Janina, she taught mum and dad how to give me lots of treats. It took me a while to work out how to get them though. First it was easy things, like just going in eating the treat out of their hand, then I had to chase the hand to get it – that was heaps of fun. Janina kept on saying I am super clever – though I never got a treat when she said it so don’t think it matters. I learnt how to sit and started to practice how to stay too. But waiting was really hard, before they would just give to me straight away and now they won’t so I kept on walking away. I find it very confusing when they keep changing the rules like that. It seems that they thought it was a stupid game to wait too as we stopped the tutoring session after that and just played.