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Functional Assessments

Some children may require a Functional Assessment in order to access therapy funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or to support with funding reviews. If this is a requirement for your plan, please contact us to book in a time with one of our team members. We are able to complete functional assessments for children/young adults aged 7-19 years.

Functional assessments completed by different organisations can all look a little different, and collect information on slightly different topics. The aim of a functional assessment is overall to investigate and collate information including an individual’s strengths, current supports, areas to develop and goal areas. As part of collating this information, we use a mixture of standardised assessment and observation. They can be a helpful starting point for goal setting and working out a therapy and supports plan, or at other times for checking in with changes for an individual to help keep therapy and support plans informed.

A Functional Assessment with Calm and Connected typically includes:

For our existing families who have been on one of our camps, or work with us regularly for therapy, we may not need to complete a formal observation at home/school/in the community as this may have already been done as part of your child’s therapy. In this case, we do not need to do this again, unless this is something that would be beneficial for your child and family when discussed with your therapist. Typically for current clients completing a functional assessment involves:

If you would like to speak more about completing a functional assessment please complete our services intake form and a member of our team will be in touch.



Our Functional Assessments are charged at an hourly rate. Please fill in the intake form above so that our team can be in contact to provide a quote based on what your child needs.