I was very distracted at the start of puppy school this morning. Mum kept wanting me to come every-time she called my name, which i admit was worth it for the cheese. But all I wanted to do was play with the other pups. The really hairy one looked particularly fun, though he wasn’t paying me any attention – perhaps his mum was giving him chicken then I would understand. We spent a while practicing  the same thing over and over. The teachers kept on commenting on how big I am getting, no wonder when mum and dad keep luring me with treats! To help me concentrate they put up some blocking barriers around me and mum so I couldn’t see the other puppies. That did help a fair bit and the games mum was playing became more fun.

Finally the best part! I love the second half of training when we get to play with the other pups. They seem to choose very carefully who we get to play with and no more than 3 of us at a time while we are still learning. I love to play! There was a dog there that wanted to play but didn’t know how, don’t worry I taught him and by then end we were great friends. I had to keep going up to him and asking him to play, I mean how many kisses and nibbles can I guy need to get involved? But he took a chance and that was it, we were off, his mum was so proud.

I got to play with the big pups because I was so playful. I kept on getting caught under their feet and had to run super fast to keep up. Mum kept on interrupting us though, apparently I was getting too excited. ‘Lets calm down and have some cuddles before you get yourself squashed’. Then we would sit quietly behind our barriers and she would give me one of those really good deep pressure massages. I cant wait till next week!


















This is a pic of me absolutely pooped after puppy school!