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It has been a couple of days with my new family and I am starting to work them out. There seems to be a bit of pattern to what we do which has helped me to sort out all those new sensations and work out what is expected of me. The days are really good with just going from sleep, eat, drink, play and back to the start again. I seem to be hungry again, especially at 6pm when mum or dad brings me my dinner. I get a chance to take small snacks during the day, though not much as my sister wants to play non stop. It seems the whole house takes a nap when she does in the afternoon. My bed seem to catch the afternoon sun and makes me feel so drowsy. Each time I stir dad moves me from my comfy spot and plomps me on the lawn and says ‘wee’, I just look at him and bark ‘play’. Perhaps one day we will come to an understanding.