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It seems that I have a new mum, dad, sister and home. Yesterday they took me home in the car and I got to snuggle in mums arms all the way home. That place – home – is going to take a bit of used to. My new sister is very different to my other sister pup, though seems heaps of fun. There are so many new noises and smells, even the blankets feel different. Not sure if I like the washing powder they use on the towels, or what they use to clean the carpets, but when I pee on them they seem to smell more normal again. We get to spend a lot of time outside playing and running. But when it is time to go in my new sleep area I just can’t seem to go to sleep during the day with everything to take in. Everything is so new in this new place I just keep thinking about all the things I see, hear, smell and touch. It has got me so wound up that I don’t even feel like eating. How can you have so many emotions at once? So excited to explore and play, yet very confused about what is going on here. My brain feels pretty scrambled right now, but chewing things seems to help and lucky my sister leaves lots of things around for me to chew..