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We have put together online workshop series that cover the top topics that we most frequently provide information on to our families. These series are designed for the super busy parent! Each day you get an email with a video that is 2-3 minutes long. The topics are broken down into these small chunks to help you digest the information.

In each of our face to face workshops we explore; why a child is having difficulty with that topic, practical strategies and ideas that can be used by parents and teachers. The aim is to provide an understanding of each topic so that the adults supporting the child can begin problem solving themselves and also be better equipped to implement strategies provided by therapists.

This a full day of education on supporting a child with ADHD. There are guest speakers from health professionals who have experience working with children with ADHD to provide information and practical strategies. During the breaks there are stall holders of support organisations to provide further opportunities to gain support and information.

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Our therapists are often on the road, so email is often the best mode of contact, or please leave a voicemail/ send a text so your therapist knows to be back in touch with you. It is recommended that you talk to your therapist about how often you would like to be in touch and what is the best way of doing this, especially how you would like feedback following school visits. During the initial assessment, therapists may discuss frequency of sessions recommended. At this point further session dates and times may be arranged. However, some families do not requiring frequent ongoing support and may opt to request sessions when required.

Unless otherwise discussed with the family, Calm and Connected agree to:

Caregivers and Clients agree to:

Weekly Newsletter

Once a family has engaged in services with Calm and Connected, their email will automatically be added to the Calm and Connected email list to receive newsletters and updates. If you no longer wish to receive emails from Calm and Connected there are options to unsubscribe at the bottom of newsletters, or please email or phone Calm and Connected to ask to be removed from this list.


Families are sent an invoice to pay for therapy sessions by direct debit online. The invoice is sent 1-3 business days following the therapy session. Group and camp invoices are sent to families in advance to the services to secure a place. We are not able to take payments at the time of the appointment, this enables us to keep our payments separate from therapy so our therapists can focus on your child. Once payment is received then you will receive a receipt in 1-3 business day. Our payments and receipts are typically processed on a Tuesday and Thursday.

We require all families to sign up to our GoCardless system to assure payment. If invoices aren’t paid within 2 weeks then the family is sent a reminder. If the invoice is not paid within 7 days of this reminder then the Gocardless system will be used to charge the nominated bank account.

Medicare referrals; visit your GP to see if you are able to get one of the following care plans that enable you to receive medicare rebates:

You will need to provide a copy of your referral letter either before your appointment or to the therapist at your initial appointment so that we have the details to put onto your receipts. After full payment you will then need to take your receipts to medicare to get the rebate into your account. As part of the referral we are required to provide a copy of the summary report to your GP of the goals and progress made.

Private health rebates; depending on your level of cover you may be able to claim your sessions through private health insurance. You can take your receipt to claim following full payment.


Included as part of the initial assessment is a summary report that outlines your childs goals, strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations. If you require a more detailed report or further reports then these come at an additional charge.


If you are not able to attend your scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as you know you are unable to attend. If you provide 24 hours notice prior to your appointment, then you will not incur a fee. Otherwise within the 24 hour period we will charge an administration fee of $50 to partially cover the payment for the time your Therapist allocated to your session. If no notice is provided and your therapist arrives at the session then the full fee will be charged for your visit. This applies to home, community and clinic visits.

For Camp cancellation details, please refer to the Commitment section of the camp application form.

Resource Hire

We frequently loan items to families to trial with their child. This ensures that the piece of equipment recommended is the right fit for your child before you decide to purchase the item. It also may be that your child only needs the item for a short period, and so we are happy to loan the item whilst is needed. You will be required to complete a loan form to help us keep track of our items, and so you are aware of any costs associated with damage or loss to the item.

NDIS Planning Meetings

You are welcome to invite your therapist to attend your NDIS planning meeting to help explain and advocate for the services that you would like for your child. In preparation for your meeting, ask your therapist to provide a quote for services to help communicate what you would like included in your plan.


We highly value receiving feedback and welcome any input on how to improve our service. We encourage you to speak directly with your therapist to provide any compliments or criticism, or be in touch with the Director, Kate Keisler with the contact details provided below. Otherwise we have a Customer Feedback Form available online under the ‘contacts’ page on our website.

Kate Keisler


Calendar of Events

Click here for a comprehensive list of events we are running this year.

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