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Navigating which funding sources to use for camp can feel like you are navigating a minefield filled with lots of grey areas! So we have put together this guide from our experiennce with familes to share what some of the options are. Please note; the NDIS price guide changes each year, and new information is reguarly released so this is a guide only, please speak to your Support Coordinator or NDIS Local Area Coordinator to know the latest information, and how it applies to you. 

Our therapy camps are run by therapists with our team leaders running activities, and tailoring assessment and intervention to individual children on camp within a group context. This means that our therapy camps come under Capacity Building funding.

Sometimes camp will be explicitly written into the description of one section of your child’s NDIS plan to show which category you can budget and claim for camps under- but not always!  

Here are some of the line items/categories which camp may come under:

Support CategoryLine itemIs Calm and Connected registered for this item? (e.g. if you are Agency Managed are you able to use this item for a camp with Calm and Connected)2022-23 Price guide information
Capacity Building- Improved Daily LivingEarly Childhood Supports (for participants younger than 7 years of age)YesPage 90-91
Therapy Supports (for participants older than 7 years of age)YesPage 92-94
Capacity Building- Increased Social and Community ParticipationInnovative Community ParticipationYesPage 79
Community Participation ActivitiesYesPage 80

How do we work out the cost of attending camp?

We work out the cost of camps based on who is involved in providing therapy to your child, the preperation required and the documentation provided:

Where can I go to find out more about how I can use the different areas of my child’s NDIS plan?

Your Support Coordinator and NDIS planner or NDIS Local Area Coordinator should be able to help you to decode NDIS plans.

The Growing Space, Every Australian Counts, Developmental Disability WA (DDWA) and National Disability Services (NDS) are organisations that we have come across who often have blog posts, social media posts, resources on their website or workshops that can also help. 

Or please get in touch with us to talk through camp specific questions relating to your child. We can be contacted by phone at 0430645086 or email at