Now that we are also offering Support Camps as part of Calm and Connected’s services, we are getting a lot of questions as to the difference of these to our Therapy Intensive Camps. Parents and funding bodies are wanting to know which one they should send their child too. So hopefully this article helps to give you some more clues! Though please don’t hesitate to give us a call to chat through your child’s specific needs.

Support Camp Therapy Intensive Camp
Who is the staff? Disability Support Workers Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Students
What is the ratio of adult to child? 1:3 1:2
NDIS Funding Social and Community Participation line item Daily Living Activities line item (therapy package item)
Do we set goals and work on my child’s difficulties? No, this camp is about kids having a break from therapy and parents. If they want to join in they can, but there is no pressure. Yes, our therapists call parents prior to camp to determine what goals are to be worked on over camp. The activities and program is specifically designed to meet these goals.
Can children with behaviour needs come along? This camp is for kids to feel relaxed and the staff ratio isn’t high enough for kids who run away, hit out or are not able to participate in group activities. Therapy intensive camps are set at a high ratio of staff and the therapists are trained to support children with behaviour challenges. Our pre-screen process makes sure that each child is able to feel supported in their group or a plan is suggested to build the child up to attending camp.
Does my child need to be able to shower, toilet themselves etc? Support is available for children who need minimum to moderate support with self-care needs
How many children per group? Maximum 12 per camp Maximum 10 per group, our camps vary with the number of groups from 1 to 4 groups per camp.

Can children attend both? Yes, we have kids who have been on a number of our therapy intensives also coming along to our support camp. The purpose for each of these camps can be written out in a quote so that when you are approaching a planning meeting or funding body for support they are able to see the difference.

Please feel free to give us a call on 0430 645 086 if you want to understand the differences of each of the camps better to help you decided if they meet your child’s needs.   Or email us at

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