There are many situations that cause us to learn about ourselves; going on a camp, making big life choices, supporting others, being in leadership positions, going on a trip. However choosing to go on a journey of self-awareness should not be decided on lightly. I have gathered from my own experiences and my friends, 10 things that may happen to you if you decide to go on such a mission.

1. Develop an incredible supportive group of friends who ‘get you’. Learning about your values may mean gathering friends that have the same, and letting go of those that didn’t. As you become more self aware, it can be hard not to expect others to also be at the same level, or get frustrated that they just don’t understand.
2. Have deep and meaningful conversations – with everyone.Small talk has lost its flavor when you know there is so much more to a person that can be explored. Small talk can therefore become frustrating.
3. Discover your true partner in life. This may take unhealthy course initially of taking on more responsibility in relationships due to being aware of all the pitfalls and ways to guide someone out of them. This appears to develop into being more clearly able understand and articulate what are feeling or wanting.
4. Have big dreams and act on them. I have seem so many around me realize their potential, what they are capable of doing. I also believe this has made me less content with what currently appears to be an ‘ordinary’ life.
5. Learn what it is like to hit rock bottom. It can be hard to find out and accept what you are not good at. The process of learning the things that you might not like about yourself can be hard, hard to accept these truths.
6. Learn what happiness is really about. Learning your strength can allow you to let go or face your fears, which may have been holding happiness at bay. Also, finding out what is important allows you to prioritize your time around those things that make you feel good.
7. Expand your views on the world. Understanding that the world is a big place and that you are just one person within it, may influence you to become more open to listening to other peoples views, even if it is conflicting of your own. I have also noticed that I get frustrated when people are not able to be flexible with their views and opinions.
8. Become more involved in the community. Experiencing change within yourself can make you realize that you have the capacity to change the world around you.
9. Begin to see all the possibilities. Compared to those that say no straight away, or can’t see the potential in situations, people with more self awareness have learnt that their actions can have an impact on the world. It is not about wearing those rose coloured glasses to see that the world is perfect, its just surely they cant be too far out of reach.
10. Risk caring less or checking out. The awareness of what you can and can’t control may mean less effort gets put into things that are out of your control. There is also the risk of becoming more self absorbed due to the inward nature of the self-awareness process.

Perhaps being warned about all these things before hand, I may not have chosen to undertake so many life changing opportunities. Yet the truth is, I would never take any of them back. Also once you start, its hard to stop!

I dedicate this post to the amazing people I have met through Curtin Volunteers!, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, John Curtin Leadership Academy and Curtin Student Ambassadors. May our adventures continue ☺