6 Social Skills Strategies

We have many families that come to us wanting support to develop their child’s social skills. So we have put together this video series to delve into all the different areas that may be impacting a childs ability to engage with others and make friends. Social skills is not just about liking the same things and have a conversation, there are so many subtle aspects to it which is often what trips up our kids. In this series we talk through our most frequently recommended strategies and ways of supporting kids to develop their social skills.

Having even just one good friend can have a huge positive impact on a child’s self esteem and enjoyment in life. Just to know that there is one person who likes them for who they are. So we hope that this video series can start your child on the path to building some great friendships.



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Day 1; Upon signing up you will get a welcome video which introduces the topic and what you are to be learning over the next few days

Day 2; Getting into the calm state – how we need to be in the ‘just right’ state, out of survival brain to be ready to make a connection

Day 3; Primed for engagement – getting our body ready to connect with others

Day 4; Reading cues – noticing what is happening around us so that we can make the most of opportunities to create friends

Day 5; Narrating the situation – helping kids to understand what is happening in social situations so they can learn to respond

Day 6; Social problem solving – navigating conflicts and learning how to resolve them is key to maintaining friendships

Day 7; Comic strip conversations – a tool we use to support children to understand social situations


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6 Social Skills Strategies