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Leah Williamson

Occupational Therapist


Leah is an Occupational Therapist who was born and raised in Perth. When Leah is not working, you will either find her at the AFL games supporting Fremantle Dockers, doing ballet/contemporary dancing at the studio, or exploring the outback on a camping trip.

Leah completed a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Honours) from Curtin University in 2021. Whilst studying in 2019, Leah commenced volunteering at Calm and Connected with group programs and Camp Confidence. Through this, Leah strongly connected with Calm and Connected’s approach and beliefs. Soon after this she was offered to work as a Therapy Assistant for the company. Her time working for Calm and Connected strongly reinforced her passion working with children in a therapeutic context to empower children and their families to reach their own desired goals to enable them to live a fulfilling life.

Leah loves to learn and is continuously reading and upskilling to enable her to use evidence-based research throughout her practice, so get ready for some fun and innovated sessions! Leah was accepted to complete a practicum at Camp Jabiru in Sydney in 2022, allowing her to have in the moment mentoring. This provided her the opportunity to have access to new research and gain skills to be able to act in the moment and adjust accordingly to what is happening in the session.



Leah aims to create a supportive, safe, and playful environment to enable children to work towards their goals. Leah strives to do this through using a relationship and collaborative approach with the child and their support network around them.

Growing up, Leah loved to move. Leah was always dancing, playing sports, climbing, and playing on the playground (if there were monkey bars, there was no chance of getting her off). This ignited her interest around movement as a therapeutic intervention. Through her research she found that movement has physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits whilst also assisting with self-regulation and processing trauma. Leah is motivated to incorporate the use of movement in her therapy sessions to enable kids to have a greater sense of themselves and the world around them.


  • Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Honours), 2021
  • Membership of Occupational Therapy Australia and Western Australia Occupational Therapy Association
  • The SpIRiT of Pediatric Therapy by Tracy Stackhouse, 2021
  • Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensory Integrative Treatment, 2021
  • Vital Links by Sheila Frick
  • Trauma Informed Approach to Sensory processing Disorder & Arousal Regulation by Sheila Frick 2021
  • Team Teach Training Course, 2021
  • Vestibular-Visual Matters by Kim Barthel, 2022
  • Completing a Graduate Diploma in Somatics and Dance-Movement Therapy, 2022 – present