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Evie grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Perth, spending most of her time adventuring outside or playing sports. Those close to Evie would describe her as ‘an old soul with a child like spirit’ and she will carry this approach into her future as an Occupational Therapist. 

Evie started at Calm and Connected as a Therapy Assistant in 2017, after volunteering at Camp Confidence. This camp was like nothing she has experienced before and Evie quickly fell in love with all that Calm and Connected is about. After finishing her degree in 2019, Evie has very luckily transitioned into an Occupational Therapist role. 

Her final year placements in Vietnam and Broome further cemented her love for Occupational Therapy. These experiences were the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity as Evie worked to find different ways to integrate Occupational Therapy into daily life. 



Evie takes a relationships based approach to therapy, placing the utmost importance and value on her relationship with clients, their families and their support networks. Fun, simplicity and understanding are Evie’s core practice principles-Evie believes that fun and simplicity are especially important when working to sustainably up skill children and their supports. 

Evie believes that there is always more to learn, more to see and more to experience, which is why she continually works to increase understanding in all its forms. Evie wants children, families, schools, therapists and society to better understand how they can support one another to foster the brilliance of all children. Self-regulation is a skill that many of us often take for granted, which is why Evie is so passionate about helping others understand and process their emotions independently. 

Evie has attended many therapy intensive and support camps offered by Calm and Connected, and plan to attend Camp Jabiru in Sydney as practicum this year, guided by Tracey Stackhouse and her incredible team. Evie believes that the camps offer children a unique and safe environment for them to practice and refine many self-regulation, social and life skills. 


  • Completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (Honours) in 2019
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treating the Movement Challenges of ASD, 2020
  • Vital Links, Therapeutic listening: Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensory Integrative Treatment,  2021
  • Trauma Informed Approach to Sensory Processing Disorder & Arousal Regulation,  2021
  • Team Teach Training Course, 2021
  • Member of Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania Limited (ECIA VIC/TAS)
  • SOS Approach to Feeding, 2023