Occupational Therapist


EJ grew up in Malaysia and moved to Perth in 2006 for her undergraduate degree. She loves food, hiking and enjoys a good board games session! EJ was in Diabetes Research which she loves, but feels the drive to be working with people on the forefront so she embarked on the journey to becoming an Occupational Therapist. EJ’s experience in research drives her love for using science to analyse, problem solve and hypothesise in her approach with the people she works with. This encourages her to collect and use data as evidence for measuring outcomes and to advocate for change.  EJ’s experience in disability and community creates many opportunities for her to meet tenacious people who drive her to make a difference with the people she supports.

EJ enjoys learning and loves sharing what she has learnt with others. She has led different therapy teams for different organisations and has conducted many different multidisciplinary student placement models.  She was awarded with Organisational Excellence in Occupational Therapy Student Fieldwork Placement in 2018.

EJ has been a part of Camp Confidence since it first ran in WA in 2016 and have been to Camp Jabiru in Sydney in 2018 and 2019.



EJ believes in ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing for’ as this creates the opportunities for others and herself to scaffold new skills. She is passionate about breaking down the tasks, investigating and understanding everything about a person to identify which microelement that is impacting the person to achieve their greatest potential. She always starts a therapeutic relationship by mapping the person and their families’ needs to create a collaborative and shared understanding towards a person’s goal. Through this process, she strives to be vulnerable and embraces emotions from all stakeholders. This enables her and the person’s formal and informal network to collaboratively unpack the underlying needs that may contribute to any functional challenges. This may be challenges in self care, behaviour of concerns, or attending to tasks. EJ strives to nurture one’s strengths and investigate the ‘why’ behind any actions/challenges/behaviour. Her objective is to provide as many tools in one’s toolkit to be safe and happy whilst building skills and capacity and enhancing the person’s quality of life. EJ is mindful to be realistic, to embrace any obstacles and she is committed to walk alongside anyone on their journey.


National Disability Services -Positive Behaviour Support (2020)

Complex Trauma by Karen Hulls (2019)

Maybo-Positive and Safer Approaches to Behaviour  (2019)

Complex Home Modification by Assistive Technology Australia (2019)

Willbarger’s Therapressure (2018)

Therapeutic Listening with the Whole Body by Sheila Frick (2018)

Spirit Form by Tracey Stackhouse (2018)

Team Teach- Tutor Behaviour Deescalation and Positive Handling Training (2016,2017)

Traffic Jam in My Brain (2016)

Disability Services- Seating Course (2016)

Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator (2021)