7 Things You Need To Know About Sensory Processing

We all process sensory information as a way to take in information from around us and understand the world. For some children and adults the way this information gets processed can lead to: information being missed or not taken in feeling overloaded with too much information coming in input being a painful experience rather than […]

10 Tips For Getting Into A Calm And Alert State

The big question, ‘How can I get my child to be calm so that they can participate in what home/school/community life?’. So many children find it difficult to even know what calm feels like, let along how they can calm themselves down when they are feeling angry, anxious or over silly.We need to be in […]

6 Social Skills Strategies

We have many families that come to us wanting support to develop their child’s social skills. So we have put together this video series to delve into all the different areas that may be impacting a childs ability to engage with others and make friends. Social skills is not just about liking the same things […]

5 Foundations For Gross Motor Skills

Many kids have challenges with Gross Motor skills which can affect their ability to look after themselves, play and learn. Our Gross Motor schools allow us to maintain a seated posture which is needed for sitting at a desk, to be able to navigate play ground equipment and to stand on one leg to put […]

5 Ways To Understand Behaviour

There are many different reasons and ways to understand your child’s behaviour. It can be very confusing to know what to read or where to start! So we have put together our top 5 ways that we explain why a child may behaving the way they are to a parent/teacher. In our therapy session, we […]