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Respiration Tools

Respiration Tools can be a great way to encourage kids to do deep breathing. Taking deep breathes helps to activate the diaphragm and calm down the nervous system. When kids are in a heightened state it can be difficult to get them to stop and take deep breaths, so in this video we go through […]

Using the Helping Hand Handout

Using the Helping Hand Handout It is important for children to know who their safe adults are in their different environments and activities that they do. At school this may be a teacher, education assistant, chaplain, deputy or older student. At a sports club it maybe their coach, the admin lady or another parent. In […]

Breathing Activities

There are number of different ways you can do breathing techniques with a child. Just asking them to do 5 deep breathes is not always engaging enough to get them to give it a try. In this video one of our OT’s, Jess, give an explanation on why deep breathing is important for being calm […]

The Alert Program; How does your engine run?

“The Alert Program; How Does Your Engine Run?’ is for primary school aged children to learn about how fast, slow or just right their body is going. For examples a child is going too fast when they are feeling angry, over excited or anxious. It uses the analogy of a car (or can be adapted […]

The JelliTime Program

The Jelli Time program was developed by Janni Goss and is a great program to use with younger children to teach them how their bodies can be fast and slow. It uses the analogy of jelly for being calm; which is when our muscles are all relaxed and floppy. The program is really simple to […]

Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation can be a great program for families and teachers to use with kids to support their learning of their emotions, behaviours and what their body needs. Check out the video where we talk more about it below: If you want to learn more about this program then head to its website: […]