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Candace grew up in the Perth hills, she completed a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Honours) at Curtin University in 2020. She loves travelling, good food, and getting back into nature! Candace began working with Calm and Connected as an Occupational Therapist after volunteering at Boys Camp Out, she found passion in the holistic, person, and relationship-centred approach that the team excels in.  Candace is constantly looking for new things to learn, through reading, completing courses or practising with others. She’s always looking for and creating new, innovative, and evidence-based activities to engage in with clients to keep it personalised and exciting for each individual client and their family. 


Candace creates a holistic, empowering and relationship-driven approach when working with children, their families, teachers, and support networks, you will feel like a valuable team member too. Candace strives to work with and alongside children and families on their journey. She works hard to support their understanding, practice, and curiosity. Candace will create a toolbox of strategies and approaches to work towards and achieve the child’s goals. She believes in a holistic and play-based approach, developing a strengths-based connection, strong rapport, and meeting the child where they are at, as well as an understanding and curiosity of what their needs are in the moment. Therapy disguised as fun!

Growing up, Candace loved working in both team and individual activities, including netball, soccer, gymnastics and artistic pursuits with painting and drawing. Candace has since found her passion in working with children and integrating these past experiences with evidence-based research during camps and individual sessions.

Certified in

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Honours) (2020)
  • Honours project (manuscript) “Special Interests and their impacts on autistic and non-autistic adults”
  • Membership of Occupational Therapy Australia and Western Australia Occupational Therapy Association (2021 to present)
  • Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensory Integrative Treatment 2021 Vital Links by Sheila Frick (2021)
  • The SpiRiT of Pediatric Therapy by Tracy Stackhouse (2021)
  • Essentials of Rhythmic Movement Therapy International by Moira Dempsey (2021)
  • Team Teach Training Course (2022)
  • Vestibular-Visual Matters by Kim Barthel (2022)
  • The Traffic Jam in My Brain By Sensory Tools, Genevieve Jereb (2022)
  • Understanding Traumatised Children’s Behaviour by Interplay, Donna Berry (2023)
  • The SpiRiT of Pediatric Therapy by Tracy Stackhouse (2023)
  • Attended Camp Jabiru Practicum by Sensory Gym (2023)