Dysphagia and Mealtime Management Plans

Swallowing involves coordinating and moving twenty-two muscle groups.  What is dysphagia?  Dysphagia is  a term used to describe difficulties with the following;  The difficulty in coordinating the muscles and the movement can result in malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia (chest infections) and choking.  There are many factors and conditions which can lead to a child experiencing […]

Four Quick Tips for Shower Time

Shower time can feel like a battle, for caregivers and children alike! How is it that they refuse to get in when you know they love it so much and then don’t want to get out. Have a read of this tips to see if there is something new you can try: Use Stealth Mode: […]

Taking a look at the evidence behind therapy camps

Here is a brief overview of the papers that we found on camps: Kinnealey, M., Koenig, K., & Heucker, G. (1999). Changes in special needs children following intensive short-term intervention.  Journal of Developmental and Learning Disorders, (3), 85-103. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/   292144483_Changes_in_special_needs_ children_following_intensive_short-term_intervention This was a study of Camp Avanti in the USA Research Design: Quasi-experimental […]

Engine Program

How does your engine run? – Alert Program  Adjusting a car’s engine speed helps us to safely and appropriately navigate the world around us. Just think, when our car engine is at its optimal level, we are able to travel to and from destinations safely and prevent passengers and pedestrians from getting hurt. But what […]

‘Be careful!’ – what you can say instead

The children who we are often saying ‘be careful’ too are often our kids that have difficulty with motor planning. Either they: Are not sure how to move their body (i.e. difficulty planning movement) Don’t quite get the movements right when they attempt to move (i.e. carrying out the movement) Can’t predict what is going […]

School Refusal

We are about to emerge from our little iso-cocoons – the government is pulling back on some restrictions, so back to the real world of school, task demands, social interactions, expectations and sensory stimulation. For some kids – they are going to take one look at the big wide world, say “no thank you” and […]

Kids that HAVE to win

Chances are, if you have clicked on this blog, you know a kid that HAS to win (yep, bold, capitalise, italics and underline) and this competitive streak is ruining their ability to make and maintain friendships and their ability at times to function. And truth be told – it can make them hard to like […]

Kids and divorce – how to talk about it with your kids

This is a crappy topic. It’s crappy because it involves so many hurt feelings – yours, your partner’s and soon your kid(s). And the only way to get through the difficult job of talking it through with your kids is to be the adult -because that’s what they need from you. So putting aside all […]

Seperation Anxiety Disorder

What is it? You know what it is – it’s the thing that stops your little one from sleeping alone at night, or maybe it’s the thing that stops her from trying new things or it’s the thing causing him to have stomachaches so he can’t go to school. It’s a beast and it can […]

Theory of Mind

What is it? It is: 1) how you think about thinking and; 2) how you think about how others think. Now let’s take a moment to digest this as a concept, because the reality is that most of us would take this ability for granted, unless you or someone you know really struggles with making/keeping […]