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5 Foundations For Gross Motor Skills

Many kids have challenges with Gross Motor skills which can affect their ability to look after themselves, play and learn. Our Gross Motor schools allow us to maintain a seated posture which is needed for sitting at a desk, to be able to navigate play ground equipment and to stand on one leg to put pants on. So what do you need to know when it comes to working on Gross Motor Skills? Well firstly you need to understand why a child may be having troubles and so what are the holes in skills that need to be plugged.  In this video series we go through each of the areas that may be causing a child to have challenges with Gross Motor Skills and therefore help you to understand what further support they may need.

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Day 1; Upon signing up you will get a welcome video which introduces the topic and what you are to be learning over the next few days

Day 2;  The impact of auditory information; how our ears and hearing system impact balance and movement

Day 3; The impact of visual information; how the information we receive from our ours impact balance, movement and direction

Day 4; The importance of core; the different layers of core that allow for strength, posture and stability

Day 5; Understanding Praxis; understanding motor planning and each of the steps needed to carry out movement

Day 6; Primary Movement Patterns; the underlying and automatic patterns that direct our movement. these are required for development though can also be causing troubles if they have not resolved.

Day 7: Summary video – to help bring it all together a recap each of the videos that we looked at. It can be a-lot of information packed into a few minutes each day so this video is a small reminder of what we have learnt.