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So perhaps when going through a rough time you have thought ‘I should probably go talk to someone about it’ and don’t. Or perhaps when talking to a loved one said ‘I think you should go talk to someone about it’, and they don’t. This ‘someone’ refers to a health professional who is trained in talking to people about their problems. Well you are not the only one. There are so many reasons why people find it hard to book an appointment, then the harder step of actually going. So rather than exploring all of these, I thought I would share with you the 4 reasons why I think going to see a counselor for even just the small to medium sized problem is AWESOME!

1. You can moan, groan, bitch, complain, and whine as much as you want about anyone you want and they HAVE to listen to you! Also this person is not connected to your circles in anyway so it doesn’t matter, you can get it all off your chest without fear of offending anyone. Then when you catch up with friends/family there is more balance between the cool stuff and the hard stuff.
2. You get past that feeling of being stuck, sad, angry, and upset quicker. Sometimes it does feel good to wallow in misery and be annoyed at people, but being in this place can put grey clouds in front of happiness too. Having someone trained to ask you questions and even just saying problems out loud helps to work out what you are ACTUALLY feeling. If it just keeps going around your head it takes so much longer, then the next step of what to do about it is even further down the road.
3. Seeing a counselor for the small/medium stuff is kind of like using a sample pack before making a big purchase. Imagine the first time you have to speak to a stranger about your problems is when you have come to a huge problem or crisis (loved one passing, relationship breakdown, onset mental illness etc). It is worth finding a trained health professional that you like by trying them out on the smaller/medium problems. That way there is already a coach in your corner when its time to face the big ones.
4. If you have a health professional that you trust and have seen before, then when a family member or friend really really needs to see someone, then you already have someone to recommend. Also this loved one is much more likely to go when they come to a crisis if you have been before and can tell them what it’s like.

So if you have never sat down with a professional for some support, then the next time you have a problem, why not try it out? It could make a massive difference when you get to a crisis down the road (trust me these always come in some form), or to help someone else out if they have hit that point. I am glad I have one on my team before I get married, have kids, menopause (yikes!), parents become elderly, get seriously ill or any of the other normal life challenges that I’m sure are headed my way. But also, I like having a trained health professional to talk too so I can get up from those smaller challenges with an element of grace.