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Therapy Services

We come to you! To book your first visit, give Kate a call on 0430645086 or email If you would like to book a follow up session with your therapist you can now book online, please visit Click Here. Calm and Connected mobile and online therapy services provide assessments on a range of areas for families, including:
  • Self-regulation
  • Sensory processing
  • Listening and attention
  • Handwriting
  • Sleep
  • Morning and afternoon routines
  • Emotions
  • Seperation anxiety
  • Social Skills
  • Body awareness and coordination

First Appointment

Our First Appointments are conducted at your home with a mixture of playing/assessing your child and discussing with the parents/caregivers your concerns. This allows us to gain an overview picture of the difficulties that are occurring and what strategies would work best for your family.

For some children it may be recommended to complete a school observation session to see how they are managing in the classroom. Some parents prefer this to occur before the first home visit so that their child does not recognise the therapist when they are sitting in their classroom.

At the end of the first session the therapist will discuss with you their findings and recommendations for home strategies. A plan can be discussed if further sessions are required and what these could look like. Parents are then able to make informed choices on what areas they would like support with and therefore what therapy the child requires. A goal summary report is provided after the initial appointment as required by the family.

The cost for all first appointments is $150, additional travel fees apply for out of area families. Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the first session, as there is often a lot of discussion so we can get to know your family and what support you need.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions can occur at your home or school.These sessions build on the goals developed in the first session. The aim of these sessions is to support the family in problem solving through recommendations, strategies, resources, programs and/or further referrals to specialized health professionals.

The cost for all follow up appointments is $110, additional travel fees apply for out of area families. Please allow up to 1 hour for sessions. Please feel welcome to invite key adults that are involved in your child's life to appointments, so that they also have an understanding of how to implement the therapy strategies suggested. For example if a grandmother often looks after your child, then ask to come along to learn some new techniques.

Group Sessions

‘Learning how to be Calm’ Knowing how to calm ourselves helps to reduce stress across all aspects of our lives. This group teaches techniques and gives a language to talk about the stress in our life and how to manage this. The strategies learnt in the group will have a positive impact on behaviors, and improve the ability to concentrate and participate in the activities that are most important to us. It will also help students learn how they can prepare themselves so they are calm, alert and ready to connect with learning in the classroom. This group runs over five weeks, each 1.5 hour sessions:
  • Session One and Two; Learning how to calm our bodies
  • Session Three and Four; Learning how to calm our feelings
  • Session Five and Six: Learning how to calm our mind
To register for these sessions to be run at your school/group, or find out where your closest group is starting next, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Click on the link to download the group flyer: 'Learning how to be calm' Group Flyer * Parents are required to attend the sessions to allow for strategies to be reinforced at home and school. Teachers are also encouraged to attend.

Attend case conferences and parent meetings

Parent teacher meetings and case conferences are a valuable opportunity to problem solve and plan for the additional support your child might need in the classroom. Often parents can have difficulty communicating information that was provided by therapists or discussing what it is they want for their child at parent teacher meetings. Following either an assessment or a consultation session, consider asking your therapist to attend this meeting with you, in order to make the most out of this opportunity. Support can also be given prior to these meetings to help you collate your thoughts on; what concerns you have for your child, what possible outcomes that you would like to achieve and what supports as a parent you are able to offer.