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New Therapist Program 2018

We have put together a series of workshops that cover the most common areas that we come across when working with children and families at Calm and Connected. In each session we will look at the underpinning theory, practical application and case study examples that relate to each topic. A number of topics include guest speakers, due to their recognised area of expertise. Each session is structured with pre-readings, face-to-face workshop and follow up workbook.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences and support each other at these workshops. These workshops are a great opportunity to receive additional ongoing clinical support, or to delve deeper into the clinical areas. Check out our New Therapist Program Flyer

Details of the course
Duration: Fortnightly, Tuesdays 5pm-7pm
Cost: $80 (inc GST) per workshop or entire course of 23 workshops for $1,500 (inc GST)
To register, email Kate at

Dates and Topics
6th Feb; Co-regulation and self-regulation
20th Feb; Neuroscience - Guest Speaker Amy de Klerk, Occupational Therapist (please note; start time fi=or this session is 6.30pm) to register click here
6th March; Sensory processing
20th March; Reflexes and primary movement patterns
3rd April; CBT and thinking strategies - Guest Speaker Lauren Paganoni, Clinical Psychologist
17th April; Therapeutic use of self
1st May; Case studies and review
15th May; Primary emotions
29th May; Trauma and safety
12th June; Protective behaviours
26th June; School based strategies
10th July; Play skills
24th July; Social skills
7th August; Working with families
21st August; Case studies and review
4th September; Handwriting and fine motor
18th September; Communication and language - Guest Speaker Jaimi-Lee Jefferies, Speech Pathologist
2nd October; Evaluation of practice
16th October; Connecting with the community
30th October; Toiletting
13th November; Sleep - Guest Speaker Sue McCabe, Occupational Therapist
27th November; Eating and feeding
11th December; Case studies and review

"From Survival Brain to Thinking Mode"

[embed][/embed] Jacky Piele (Early Links OT) and Kate Keisler (Calm and Connected) are very excited to launch our brand new 4-part online webinar series on “How to go From Survival Mode to Thinking Brain”. Aimed to help counsellors, teachers and the like, access our Occupational Therapy Toolbox of Practical Strategies. These are designed to help children who have experienced trauma to self-regulate and be able to reach/sustain this alertness state long enough to process their trauma and also engage in playful activities. Check out the link below and download your free Practical Strategies page!


If you are looking for support and direction to improve your clinical skills then consider accessing formal supervision. This service is ideal for therapists who feel they require more clinical supervision than is provided in their workplace. The frequency and method is flexible, with sessions designed to suit your needs. Some options available include:
  • Meetings either face to face* or online; used to problem solve tricky cases or to receive education on topics.
  • Session feedback* either face to face or online; supervisor to attend a therapy session, or submit a video online to receive feedback.
  Supervisors available:
  • Kate Keisler - Occupational Therapist
  • Cost: $100 per hour - 30 minute minimum for sessions required. If you are interested, please contact Kate Keisler on 0430 645 086 or email for more information.   *Face to face supervision available in Perth, South of the river locations only - to be discussed with supervisor. *Family consent is required, therapist and family to complete permissions form.