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Services for schools and child care centers

School Staff Training

The foundational skills of learning, such as concentration, attention and listening, affect many students in a classroom. Training sessions are interactive, with activities interspersed with information to allow for application of the theory given. Training packages are available to support the implementation of information long after the initial training is provided. The following training packages are recommended to provide ongoing support and problem solving opportunities for staff on how to integrate strategies into their classroom routine. This format allows for feedback on current practices and option for further resources to be provided to trial:

Training package 1:

Self-regulation and sensory processing
  • 2 hour initial training
  • 1 hour follow up training after 2 weeks
  • 1 hour follow up training after further 4 weeks

Training package 2:

Task Analysis
  • 1 hour training
  • 1 hour follow up training after 2 weeks

Training package 3:

Content, duration and frequency can be tailored to your staff’s learning needs. Please discuss the current themes and concerns that are occurring in your school community with the Occupational Therapist to determine what will suit your staff best.

Child Care Staff Training

Would your staff benefit from learning:
  • How to manage difficult behavior when working with a group of children?
  • How the brain works so children can learn, listen and understand?
  • Practical strategies for staff to use throughout the day?
Does your staff work with children who have difficulty with concentration, attention, learning, behaviour, sleep, sensory processing, following instructions and listening? Have a training designed specially for the needs of your staff to address the particular difficulties the children attending your center are having. To learn more about the potential content your training could include please read this document Training Content Description.Here are the steps to ensure your staff receive the most benefit from this tailored training:
  • Call or email to discuss the concerns your staff are having and what you would like covered in the training.
  • A short survey will be provided for your staff to complete. This gives staff the opportunity to highlight specific difficulties they would like support with, which will form the focus of the training.
  • Choose which format you would like the workshop delivered in which most suited to your staffing availability from the options outlined in the document Services for Day Care Centers Flyer.


Are you concerned about how a student is functioning in the classroom? Are you concerned that a childs stress or sensory processing is affecting their learning? Are you concerned with a students work output, such as handwriting, following classroom routines?     If any of these describe a child who is having difficulty in your classroom then consider a consultation with an Occupational Therapist at Calm and Connected. Investigation into the underlying factors that are impacting on the student’s ability to function will be completed to provide a comprehensive understanding to teaching staff. Practical strategies and resources will then be discussed which are tailored specifically to the teaching style and classroom set up that the child is working in.   * Parents are required to complete a consent form prior to consultations and will receive feedback on services provided.

Classroom set up and program recommendations

There is a wide selection of evidence-based programs that are available for teachers to use in their classrooms. Sometimes the selection of programs and suggestions can be overwhelming, or there is limited time to work out how these can be integrated into the classroom. Calm and Connected can provide support on how to integrate these programs into the classroom routine and to suit the teachers classroom management style. Non-evasive adaptations can also be provided on how to tailor your classroom to meet the sensory needs of the students in your class. For example, where to position students, how to visually present work or how to phrase instructions.

Resource Hire

Parent information sessions are available to schools, community groups and organizations. Consider holding a parent information session to provide support and information to families within your community. Parent information sessions help build a community approach to supporting children, develop the community’s skills for managing issues and create a culture of understanding. Through up skilling parents, you are not only developing their ability to cope, but are also creating opportunities for their children to learn. Content of the presentation can be tailored specifically to the needs of the families that attend your school and the common themes that occur in the local community.