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Month: March 2015

How to be kind to yourself

Many hatsI have met many people this week who are striving to be the perfect partner, a hard worker, an amazing mum/dad, have a clean house, be amazingly fit, prepare healthy food, look after older parents and look stunning all at once. No wonder stress levels are running high. How can we expect to be good at all of these, all at the same time?

I’ve heard the analogy that life is like a juggling act trying to keep all the balls moving. It seems the ball that gets dropped and discarded first is the ‘looking after ourselves’ one. I mean how many times do you hear people say ‘you need to take some time to relax and look after yourself’. The response includes a polite smile and the thought ‘and I have time for that when?’. In the onslaught of battle against everyday expectations this warrior cant just sit there and paint her nails.

I get the point though, if the juggler falls off balance then all the balls are going to drop. So I decided to try out a new method. Instead of finding extra time to do nice things, I tried loosening the reigns just a little bit. After a hard day/week the default would be skipping the exercise class, getting takeaway and sitting on the couch. Although this seems to feel good at the time, the guilt trip after for not ‘looking after yourself’ doesn’t seem worth it. So how about taking the middle ground instead! Can’t be bothered with the gym? Go for a light walk instead. Can’t be bothered cooking? Get a premade salad and cooked chook instead. Too tired to attend that get together? Just go for an hour or arrange a quiet coffee date for another time instead.

I have found this way I am not opting out completely and still get a bit of everything in the day. It is just as important to be mindful of how you are feeling and find a compromise between what needs to be done. Show your self some kindness for how hard it is to juggle all the balls. And you never know, loosening the reigns on a couple of things every now and then might just give you the time to paint those nails.

What is Therapeutic Listening?

What is listening?

Listening is detecting sounds through the ear, the brain organizing the sound and combining it with information from all our other senses. Listening includes:

  • Locating where the sound is coming from i.e. finding the person who is talking to focus on them.
  • Selecting which sounds are the important ones to listen to i.e. the teachers voice or the lawnmower outside.
  • Keeping attention on the sound to get all the information needed i.e. hearing all the instruction not just the first part.
  • Noticing the differences between sounds so we know what they mean i.e. hearing the difference between f and s to hear if someone is saying fat or sat.

What is Therapeutic Listening?

Therapeutic Listening is a structured program using specifically composed music to develop a person’s ability to tune into and respond to their world. Here are some of the aspects found in the music:

  • High low frequencies; the distortions in frequency cause the cells in the ear to vibrate in an organized way; rather than firing off randomly, or not at all. The organized sound vibrations allow the brain to process the sound; rather than becoming overwhelmed by what it is hearing or not even noticing that a sound was made.
  • Rhythm; is used to regulate the child’s natural body rhythm to either down-regulate them to a more even and calm pattern, or to up regulate them to a more engaged and kidpower rhythm. Getting into this level of alertness allows for our body and mind to attend to what is happening around us.
  • Complexity; early song selections start basic and then build with complexity. This is to train the ear to first locate and understand basic detail; then builds on the amount of detail the ear can process.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please read the Therapeutic Listening Flyer, or contact Kate at Calm and Connected on 0430 645 086 or

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